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April 1-3, 2025
Hilton University of Houston
Houston, TX

Konstantin Borozdin, PhD

Konstantin Borozdin, PhD

Principal Scientific Advisor
Decision Sciences International Corporation

With a PhD in Experimental Nuclear Physics and over 35 years of cutting-edge research experience, Konstantin Borozdin is a seasoned professional in the fields of applied nuclear science, high-energy astrophysics, data science and AI/ML. Throughout his career, he has led technical teams, managed multi-million R&D projects, and presented results in over 200 research articles and several US and international patents. A significant portion of his expertise lies in muon tomography, where he has played a pivotal role in its development and application.

From his work at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he led the development of advanced algorithms for muon tomography, to collaborating on evaluating the state and location of nuclear fuel at Fukushima, his contributions have been instrumental in advancing this technology. In his current role as the Principal Scientific Advisor at Decision Sciences International Corporation, he leads the company’s efforts on new applications of muon tomography, including muon imaging of spent nuclear fuel stored in dry casks.