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April 1-3, 2025
Hilton University of Houston
Houston, TX

Robert Hawn

Robert Hawn

Vice President, Maritime Affairs

A 45+ year veteran of the maritime industry, Robert Hawn began his career in Beaumont, Texas, as a fledgling shipping agent, gradually moving upward and outward. During his career he has worked with virtually every kind of ship in existence, arranging port calls through more than 15 ports across the U.S. Gulf as well as in the ports surrounding Norfolk, Virginia.

He has vast experience in commercial shipping operations, including more than 30 years in various management positions with several leading U.S. shipping agencies. Hawn joined West Gulf Maritime Association in 2014, and in that position had daily responsibility for working with its members, such as shipping agents, stevedores, local ports, terminals, associated industry partners and government entities to ensure business continuity across many of the ports leading the nation in growth and overall tonnage. He was promoted to Vice President, Maritime Affairs, in November 2021.

He currently serves on 4 different Harbor Safety Committees of the Western Gulf, is Regional Vice President for the Western US Gulf Region of the International Propeller Club and is heavily involved with many other industry affiliated boards and committees throughout the region.