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April 1-3, 2025
Hilton University of Houston
Houston, TX

Greg Villano

Greg Villano

Critical Infrastructure Protection – OT Cyber

Greg Villano has over thirty-seven years of experience working with industrial automation & control systems (IACS). He’s held electrical maintenance and management related positions in both North and South America across a variety of industries including maritime, stone quarrying / manufacturing, and hygiene / forest product manufacturing.

Fourteen years of his career were spent as a licensed commercial mariner / chief electrician for a global offshore drilling and exploration company where he was responsible for creating and implementing an industry leading IACS cyber security program for their fleet. Since 2015, his work has been specifically focused on industrial automation and control system cybersecurity for both onshore and offshore critical infrastructure.

Greg is currently an Advisory Specialist Leader with Deloitte’s Government and Public Services (GPS) practice and continues concentrating his cybersecurity efforts on securing, monitoring, and protecting industrial control systems within multiple critical infrastructure verticals. He actively participates in several cybersecurity related workgroups and panels including InfraGard (Houston Chapter), the International Society of Automation, the International Standards Organization, and the International Association of Drilling Contractors.