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April 1-3, 2025
Hilton University of Houston
Houston, TX

Olga Davletalieva

Olga Davletalieva

Head of Ports Advisory Services

Olga Davletalieva is a Port Digitilization and Optimization professional with extensive hands-on experience in the Port and Maritime Industry. She has focused her career on providing business expertise, developing ports strategies, leadership development and managing project at all scales. Over the past 24 months, she was responsible for the successful delivery of Port Optimization solutions for Tanger Med Port Authority, associated British Ports, Southern Ports and many more ports around the globe.

Olga currently serves as the Head of Ports Advisory Services, focusing on increasing ports’ efficiency with a portfolio of existing market-leading solutions and expanding on the maritime services by building strategic partnerships, diversifying operations, and bringing innovative solutions to the marine sector.

Olga is a solution-driven leader and industry advocate of Port Call Optimization and Port Digitization strategy. She is passionate about the expansion of digitalization and JIT with the end goal of reducing the impact of Ports on the environment.